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New Year And The New Channel!

Howdy! It’s 2015 and by Universal Studios predictions we should be flying in cars and look like total assholes with mechanical bio-lifts in their boots. That’s too bad. But still, I am glad to be around for another year and this is the time when I announce another ambitious new thing. (Don’t make fun) I […]

VeggieMacabre’s Favorite Horror Movies EVAR! Project.

Here I go again starting a new project to spice things up in the bedroom. Well, if that happens to be where you cruise the internet. Anyway, I have decided to shoot quick little videos all about my favorite horror movies, why I love them and even some little known facts about them. I have […]

VeggieMacabre! But What Does It Mean???

I think it’s about time I share with the world where the devil I came up with the name “VeggieMacabre”. After all, it’s only seven years old. What am I waiting for? In order for me to explain this one we need to get into the way-back machine and travel to the year 1997, in […]

Where Did You Go?: Me! And Another Creepshow Rundown

It’s no secret that I have been scarce to say the least but that doesn’t mean I am not with you in spirit. It’s really just work, you know. It’s not like I am doing exciting things with a whole new set of friends and priorities only to peek my head back here because I […]

I’m Three!

Well, before August gets here I suppose I should post something or suffer the fate of July 2010 being the first month I missed sharing my thoughts, random obscure trivia and death pools like how long will Brian Dennehy be circling the drain for.  Yeah, this blog has never been one to accumulate mass amounts […]

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