Ok, I’ll Bite

The other day I was tagged by the very funny new friend to VeggieMacabre, Amanda Blog and Kiss. The tag was to take a picture of yourself without looking in the mirror or combing the hair or checking for spinach in the teeth. I would tag others but I’m always afraid no one would follow and I would hold a grudge. (3 woulds!)

Here’s mine.

img_0545Like my office? I feel like I have been moved into the basement and had my stapler confiscated. Oh FDID, please hurry. If I have to listen to another two hour online tutorial on network software applications I may just start eating my shoe. That’s a section 8 that should excuse me from this torture.

You should try this! And visit Amanda. All good stuff.


  1. Looks like someone could use a haircut.

    I do. I’ve been rocking a hockey mullet for the past month.

  2. Cool picture! I think you look GREAT! You do look bored, I’ll give you that. lol

    Q.- what does FDID mean????

    Why thank you! I think I look pretty beaten down by office work. 😐
    FDID is the fire department of Idaho.

  3. Aw shucks fella, you actually did it! Left me hangin there for a while, but you came through in the end! Cheers!

    (Oh, and did you get the memo about the TPS reports?)

  4. Your hot when your apathetic! I feel like such a fool when you post a picture because I fall all over myself like a dumb teenager. It’s worth it though. There is a site called dailybooth.com that is designed for pictures like this. You talk through pictures kind of.

  5. Dude, I literally *just* last night made my bestie Talea sit down and watch Office Space beginning to end. We’ve been spouting stapler nonsense all morning.

  6. If I was working in that basement alongside you no one would be listening to ANY online tutorials….OH YA…I said it! 😉

  7. Also, you have an award at my place the next time you stop by. Because being cool does not come without it’s rewards.

  8. I remember that face… PS do not I repeat DO NOT cut your hair 🙂

  9. Hockey mullets rock. Didn’t you get that memo?

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