To Recap

Here I go again, disappearing after a thirty second blog post, random quote and a YouTube video who’s link ceases to work. So sorry for that but I need time to realign and get busy being busy. So here is a quick recap for all those who care. There has got to be someone!

  • I dropped off from Twittering and really, all forms of social networking communication. Especailly since I commonly get Twitter requests from people I don’t know who say things like this:

OMJ! Wsan’t growing panis a lkie.. sohw.. i reemmber. and like.. there was a RAELLY HOT GUY… x


  • I have been traveling a lot for this job and on Monday I had a meeting with a really large woman. And by large, I don’t mean fat or obese but huge in stature. Her head was much heavier than 8 pounds. I don’t mean to be so immature about it so I will say…she looks a lot closer than she is.
  • Now that summer is slowly approaching the Northwest (anything over 58 degrees) my running season has now kicked into full gear. And this season is definitely over committed with races and endurance challenges.
  • I have decided I need to be in business to make “fuck you” money.
  • Back to running, I am working on a project right now with BlipTV, Inc to make slideshow videos highlighting my racing travels and thoughts to post on various webpages. Look for them here and on Facebook throughout the summer.
  • I think I am going to rock a movie review tonight of a movie that everyone has seen. Something that will make only me happy and waste a few hours. Kind of a dick like that.
  • Get this! So I went on this hell of a run the other day and it damn near killed me. Don’t really remember how I drove back but as I was re-hydrating I feel asleep on the couch and angry texted people either in delirium or asleep. They didn’t even sound like me. That’s never happened.
  • And now you are capped. 🙂 Be right back!


  1. Glad to have you back Bill! What movie is it? I gotta know.

    • Thanks pal!

      I watched American Movie. It’s a documentary about a film maker who is trying to make a horror movie but life happens. It’s an amazing movie and very inspirational. definitely top 10 for me.

  2. Just in case: re your reference to Joe Strummer — there is a documentary on him (and the Clash) that is running on the Sundance channel presently, by Julian Temple.
    Awesome. Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten

    It will be run again this Sunday, 6/20/10.

  3. I care!

    Can’t wait to see your videos…your warning about running and texting alone could save lives!

  4. she looks a lot closer than she is.

    this made my roommate and me laugh so hard we had to stop playing Fallout 3 to talk about it. ah, awake at 6am. sheesh.

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