Back In 100

I am updating this at about 11:30pm in the back of my Honda Element, snug in a sleeping bag with a huge thunderstorm pounding away. Why am I in the back of my car, you ask? Great question.
Tomorrow I am running the Xterra 100 race to the sea relay that started in NY. I just have to do the 100 mile portion.
So, here I sit in Bend, Oregon (greatest place in the world) trying to sleep and thinking of you.
I hope I survive this but should I not, it has been a pleasure. Please feed my cat.

Peace and love,

Will VM


  1. And I will say it again: so proud of you for what you accomplished today!

    Get some rest and hug the cat when you get home 😉



  2. You should be home by now, safe and sound. Hopefully not a cripple… 🙂

  3. yay for 100 miles billy. Also, you are crazy.

  4. Man, I didn’t know you wanted me to feed your cat. I may have some bad news for you when you get back.

    Best luck on the run and I believe the Honda Element is one of the coolest and most useful vehicles on the road today.

  5. No worries, if you die. I will look after all the pussy you leave behind.

    • I don’t normally use LOL, but I LOL’d at this. You’re a champ.

      • Thanks!

  6. Thanks for thinking of me Will. If I had the will to run or bike or whatever this race is, I’d do a portion of it for you, so you could rest.

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