Crab Chips are Paprika

Here is a catchup video that includes Crab Chips from UTZ that are really just paprika covered chips. Also, here is me looking old and worn out BUT I have a new computer so Veggiemacabre will be twice what it was. I promise. Watch.


  1. There is nothing old and worn out about SUPER BILL.

  2. Ha! I look like I fell off the roof! But thanks.

    I hate your beetus.

    • I hate it too. It’s really putting a damper on my plans to eat myself to an early grave on those pies made out of peanut butter cups.

  3. Where are those TPS reports?!?

  4. I have the same lamp hanging in the background. Thought you should know.

  5. i’ve encountered similar chips before.. the red stuff is supposed to be Old Bay seasoning which I guess Maine is known for putting on crab? or so I’ve gathered.. – new episode of RtW TV goes up tonight! longest most-packed one yet! – hope all is well bud

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