Beer Talkin’: The Duvel Gift Box Review

Here is another beer review from the guy who beat his furniture to his new place. So, when you can’t sit on anything and there is no cable, internet, you read all your books and know no one….drink a beer and talk about it. To who? Why, you of course!


  1. i dig the mini book reviews! for whatever reason i only typically drink beer a 3-4 times per year or so but could still watch your video reviews of it endlessly.. – looking forward to seeing more misc. Will video content in 2012

    • Thanks man! I am starting to expand the review base.

      I am staying up just to watch your latest video when you post it! Very excited.

  2. Hemingway would be proud. We must review soon! Currently thinking about an arm-wrestling/beer review hybrid. That will make more sense soon. Nice work.

    • I am so ready! When and where I am so down.

  3. In my professional opinion, that library book is overdue. I’m totally reporting you at our next librarians meeting.

    • Yeah, what’s the fine on that thing now anyway?

    • I thought of that. There are so many CofC kids who are robbed of Hemingway’s work because of me. I really wish someone who invent the press.
      You won’t tell anyone, will you? 😉

  4. Excellent review!

    By the way, sounds like your Carbon Monoxide detector needs to be replaced. 🙂

    • It’s my alarm that hasn’t been set yet. It is like Chinese water torture.

  5. Sir, today I signed for my new position here at work. Tonight, I am going to pick up a bottle of scotch in celebration. And after watching you review a brew, I have been inspired. Now, when I buy my scotch I shall review it in your honor!

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