Well, I guess this was coming. I mean, I post about as regular as Jamie Lee Curtis. (Activia joke) I need to get a different forum and narrow the topic to a specific direction. While Veggiemacabre has been great, I am a different person than 2007. Maybe better or maybe worse but not the same. I loved this place and the people I have met through it.

I know Matt ended X-E and started DinosaurDracula. This is sort of the same thing but going forward you will see more of a media side since I have invested so much into software. I have a vision and as soon as the know-how happens you’ll see. Thank you for a wonderful five years. Watch below to get the skinny.

By the way, will still be here. Just leaving this blog.

Good Journey!


  1. (drops to knees)


    • oh it will be better. I just need to get away from this. It’s gotten old and moldy.

  2. Sad sad sad sad. But understanding.

    • Oh it’ll be better. Just retiring the blog and starting something better. Thanks for coming here!

  3. Why did I get a penis icon?

  4. Damn. I feel like I just got on board the veggiemacabre train. Looking forward to whatever is next.

    • The next train will be better. And with a drink car.

  5. *sigh* This is a sad day, everyone seems to be leaving (not that I’ve posted in forever but still). Reading your posts over the years got me through some really crappy, slow mornings at work. Good luck with your new venture – I’m looking foward to seeing what happens next.

    • I am so glad you still come back after all these years. *sniff*

  6. I just re-read what I wrote and am having flashbacks to senior year book signing day. It’s just missing the “it’s been real” “have a great summer” and “stay in touch”. But it’s accounted for now so there you go.

  7. To quote the great Captain Cloud (Howard Kaylan): “The end is always a New Beginning!” (And if you get that reference- color me truly impressed…) Thanks Will for all the laughs, the reminiscence, and the great recipes! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

    All the Best,


    • Thanks Tank. I’m excited to see what you will think of the new one!

  8. I’m with them all above. Sad, but we support you! And it’s not goodbye! It’s see you on the next blog! I’ll still be reading. 🙂

    • I am humming the action news of Philadelphia theme right now. What a ride, my international buddy!

  9. God am I out of the loop. Sorry to hear about this but glad that it’s the start of something else. (Haven’t seen the video yet; I’m pretending to work.) Just please don’t trash what you’ve written here because there’s lots of great stuff! We must catch up, it’s been too long.

    • Thanks Matt! This place will still be here. I just am leaving to narrow down the subject and get excited about things again. Thanks for dropping in, man! Yes we do need to catch up!

  10. Oh, Vegetable Macabre, I await your shiny new incarnation. I can’t say no to beer and hot sauce.

    • When I see you I will give you and Bo shirts from the new site!

  11. GoodSpeed Will. Look forward to your tweets and will be an avid watcher of VeggieMacbre TV. Hope to see you at my summer fiesta.

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