DJD, Me and Retro Ghouls!

Just when I get on a role, work rears its ugly head and I find myself on the border to Canada in jerk-town Montana. But that is okay, because this next week is full of crazy Halloween goodness. I am serious, this is all falling right into place. But before I get into next week I can still save this one by posting a video featuring the famous DJD and his new blog, Retro Ghouls and Shocks! 

If you are unfamiliar with Dave (DJD) he is a long time pal of mine since the early days of X-Entertainment. Also, every Saturday night he hosts an awesome radio show called Dark Entries. If it goes bumps in the night to a beat, that tune is on his show. He is the master of horror, goth, punk and all things dark. Check it out!

So, here we are talking about his new project and what to expect. I am very flattered he came to me with this awesome news.


  1. Awesome!! It’s awesome to see DJ D in moving picture format.

  2. Love the Maximum Overdrive homage at the end.
    It really is true, though. As we’ve discussed, X-E put me back in touch with the Faders, and with most of my internet-turned-irl friends like you. Cheers to that and I always love to talk horror!

  3. Ha! So much fun! Thanks so much for the exposure…and for making me look like a total goober.

  4. […] I can’t express how fun his site is. It’s got beer reviews, food reviews, horror reviews, trips to spooky locations, and if you’re lucky, the occasional bee outfit. He just kicked off his Halloween Spook Show Countdown and I am lucky to be part of it. […]

  5. This instantly went from good to great in a fraction of a second when ‘Maximum Overdrive’ appeared. I could not stop rewinding that last bit of Deej flailing around.

    • He really nails it

    • I didn’t like the way that tractor was cutting its eyes at me.

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